Group Regional Travel VIP

Players Jets Real Family Weekend/Real Guys Weekend/ Real Girls Weekend, in partnership with distinguished names in the  luxury travel industry, creates exclusive private plane vacations aboard our regional  fleet of  aircraft that include jets, turbo props and luxury airliners.

As you work with our team of aviation professionals, we invite you to select the private plane that best suits your requirements and desires according to the size of your party, destination, and routing. Your plane will be at your disposal for the duration of your trip, offering the perfect environment for multi-generational family and close group travel events that weave unique memories.

Our travel connoisseurs will design a VIP itinerary for you. Our seasoned guests invariably value the experiential nature of our journeys that deliver  access to private aviation, along with distinctive accommodations of the locales they visit. We believe this is the cornerstone for an extraordinary luxury travel experience not found in brochures.

To inspire your voyages, we have curated a collection of itineraries.These VIP vacations truly are the epitome of group travel.